29 — 30 August 2023 | 6:00 PM — 9:00 PM
Palais Kheireddine

— The INTERFERENCE SUMMER PROJECT encompasses a unique artistic endeavor that will transform the City’s Museum into an immersive space by building a 360° projection field.  All artists participating in the INTERFERENCE SUMMER PROJECT will jointly generate content inspired by the interaction of three main components: water, light, and plants. They will explore how to handle a 360° projection field, how to engage in exchange and collective development, and how to generate new visuals.

The idea borrows from Claude Monet’s series of paintings featuring the play of light on a garden pond lined with water lilies, which he perceived as a getaway that harnesses his feelings of pain and loneliness. The participating artists will delve into the interplay of these elements. They will take inspiration from the depiction of the ever-changing daylight and the water’s surface in Monet’s paintings. They will explore the cycle of life of the plants driven by photosynthesis.  And they will go beyond Claude’s impressionistic approach: They will leave behind the idea of the pure, non-polluted nature that only continues to exist in our memories. They will take into account that Monet painted these canvases hiding in a small village in Normandie during World War I, a situation that could be compared to the present with its too many current armed conflicts. The installation will evolve, mirroring the dynamic nature of our world, whilst appreciating light. Each moment will be distinct, capturing the essence of transformation and evolution.

All artists will harness their own artistic materials, techniques, and distinctive approaches to engage in this artistic experimentation. Whether they work with drawing or painting, photography or videography, animation, or even creative coding, for this experiment all of them will work with projection. There will be several workstations with projectors, computers, and media players allowing to build the 360° projection field.

As well, the 360° projection field draws inspiration from the display of Claude Monet’s paintings in a surrounding panorama, such as the Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris, and furthers it into the 21st Century. Through advanced projection technology, the artists will have the opportunity to project their works onto all surrounding surfaces, formed into a seamless visual scope.  The transition from one artwork to another will be fluid, creating a large-scale, digital collage. Furthermore, the choice of this surround panorama format highlights the collaborative and collective aspects of the project. As the artists project their unique creations onto different sections of the panorama, their works will interact with one another,  combining diverse artistic visions.

Not open to the public, only to the participants of the INTERFERENCE SUMMER PROJECT.


Camila Mejía. INTERFERENCE YOUNG MASTERS EL Kef 2022. Photo: Yosr Chebbi.


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