11 — 13 OCT 2023 Cologne
ON PLINY’S PATHS Artists’ Exchange Cologne — Tunis 2023

Jazmin Rojas Forero staged an installation consisting of a backlit photograph depicting a plant in the Colombian mountains that collects water via condensation. The plant’s inside inspired the shape of the glass sculpture that was mounted in the center of the exhibition hall. Every night it was filled with frozen water transforming the atmospheric humidity into drips of water collected in a ceramic vessel shaped after the stem of the plant.

ON PLINY’S PATHS Cologne 2023. Photos: Ouafa Benamor.

Cologne-based Jazmin Rojas Forero participated with two installations at the WATER MATTERS exhibition ptoject. In Dar Ben Achour, she staged a combination of a backlit photograph and a sculpture both related to water sites in Colombia. Her raw materials were onsite recordings with camera and hydrophone. For the sounds, a ceramic sculpture shaped after the inner ear became the echo chamber. In Palais Khreireddine, she showed a combination of a backlit photography and a glass sculpture formed after the inner structure of a Colombian plant that collects water via condensation.

INTERFERENCE Tunis 2023. Photos: Ouafa Benamor, Brahim Guedich, Bettna Pelz.

Jazmin Rojas Forero is an artist and filmmaker. In her artistic practice, she intertwines fiction, science, non-human perspectives and her personal experience to create sensuous and immersive poetic gestures. Through her images and narratives she seeks to rethink and restore our relationship between humans and non-humans, to imagine other ways of perception, as well as embrace non-western knowledge practices that have been silenced.

Photos: Jazmin Rojas Forero


2023 Cologne (de), ON PLINY’S PATHS
2023 Tunis (tn), INTERFERENCE International Light Art Project
2022 Pristina (ko), Manifesta 14
2022 Cologne (de), Temporary Gallery: TALK TO ME Other Histories of Nature
2021 Bogotá (co), Planetario de Bogotá, Full Dome Festival in Experimental Film
2019 Bogotá (co), Fundación Gilberto Alzáte Avendaño
2019 Bogotá (co), Nueveochenta Gallery
2019 Manizales (co), 18th International Image Festival
2019 Bogotá (co), Plataforma Bogotá – Space for art, science and technology
2018 Bogotá (co), Claustro de San Agustín
2017 Bogotá (co), Manzana K Studio
2017 Bogotá (co), Red Galería Santafe, Espacio Sin Sala


Since 2021  Cologne (de), Media Art Academy, Postgraduate-Study Program
2014 – 2019 Bogotá (co), Universidad Nacional de Colombia, BA Fine Art




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