11 — 13 OCT 2023 Cologne
ON PLINY’S PATHS Artists’ Exchange Cologne — Tunis 2023

Juan Francisco Rodriguez shared three installations thematizing the interaction of natural material and optical tools: a glass sphere for beholding an analog photograph of a river reflecting the sunlight; a film projector playing a loop depicting a foggy mountain glacier with traces of the exhausted film material; and a moving crystal in an open tool comparable to a light microscope visualizing fine details of the crystal’s structure through the use of a series of glass lenses.

ON PLINY’S PATHS Cologne 2023. Photos: Ouafa Benamor.

An dem Ausstellungsprojekt WATER MATTERS beteiligte sich Juan Francisco Rodriguez mit drei Installationen: Im Dar Ben Achour war eine analoge Fotografie eines Flusses zu sehen, in dem sich die Sonne spiegelt, verzerrt durch eine Glaskugel, und ein durchleuchteter Kristall, der auf eine Leinwand projiziert wurde. Im Palais Kheireddine präsentierte er eine Reihe von Moosen, Flechten und Algen, die er in Köln und Tunis gesammelt hatte, als Schattenprojektionen.

INTERFERENCE Tunis 2023. Photos: Ouafa Benamor, Brahim Guedich, Bettina Pelz.

Juan Francisco Rodríguez’s work investigates and speculates images and narratives that seek a re-enchantment of the world; an affective intertwining with the environment. His work combines lens-based media with different notions of magic and ecology resulting in playful experiments that blurs reality and fiction.

Juan Francisco Rodríguez is a filmmaker and artist based between Cologne, Germany and Bogotá, Colombia. His films and installations have been exhibited in film festivals and art exhibitions in Colombia, Perú, Brazil, Canada and Germany. Parallel to his personal projects, he has been part of artistic collectives, has worked as director of photography, light designer and has been assistant programmer in events such as the Bogotá International Documentary Film Festival (MIDBO).


2023 Cologne (de), ON PLINY’S PATHS
2023 Tunis (tn), INTERFERENCE
2023 Cologne (de), Internationale Photoszene Köln
2023 Essen (de), Folkwang University of the Arts
2022 Bogota (co), 46 National Artists Salon
2022 Cologne (de), Trinitatiskirche


Since 2021 Cologne (de), Media Arts Academy
2014-2019 Bogota (co), National University of Colombia, Film and television director




INTERFERENCE Tunis 2023. Photo: Ouafa Benamor.


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