31 AUG – 2 SEP 2023 Tunis

INTERFERENCE Tunis 2023. Photos: Ouafa benamor, Brahim Gueddich.

Siryne Eloued is a visionary filmmaker and accomplished visual artist hailing from Tunis. With a background in psychology, she embarked on a journey into the world of cinema, intertwining her love for art and the human experience. As a versatile visual artist, Siryne Eloued traverses the realms of cinema, video art, photography, alternative process and printing. Her distinctive approach seeks to walk through the mediums to capture the image and explore the essence between reality and dreams, bringing to light the interplay of movement and stillness, visibility and the hidden, shadows and light.

MAF YOUNG MASTERS Leeuwarden 2023. Photos: Tom Meixner.


2023 Tunis (tn), Mu’awiya’s Thread, Inaugural Exhibition at 32bis
2023 Leuwarden (nl), Luna Young Masters, Media Art Friesland
2022 Malmö (se), Room to Bloom, Eco Feminist Art Festival
2022 Tunis (tn), Biennale Jaou Photo, Contemporary Art Festival
2022 Maribor (si), Blue Engram: End of Residency Duo Exhibition with Hamza Chakroun
2022 El Kef tn), Kif el Kef, Interference & Musem Lab
2022 Djerba (tn), 1,2,3 Soleil, Inaugural Exhibition of L’Agora Djerba
2022 Tunis (tn), Open Studio 1 & 2 – 32bis & ACF Academy
2022 Tunis (tn), Dream City, L’Art Rue & Gabès Cinéma Fen
2022 Tunis (tn), Interference, International Light Art Project
2022 Gabès (tn), K-OFF, Gabès Cinéma Fen
2021 Sousse (tn), Ursides, Elbirou Art Gallery
2021 Sousse (tn), Novembre Numérique, Elbirou Art Gallery
2021 Radès (tn), Oneiros – Centre des Arts Vivants
2021 Sousse (tn), Raw Materials, Dar Jarboui
2020 Tunis (tn), Photosensibles, Galerie de la Bibliothèque Nationale
2020 Sousse (tn), Utopie Visuelle, Elbirou Art Gallery


2017 – 2021 Tunis (tn), Higher Institute of Multimedia Arts of Manouba, Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Audiovisual Studies



INTERFERENCE Tunis 2023. Photo: Ouafa Benamor.

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