SAT 5 AUG 6:00 PM — 9:00 PM
Medina of Tunis, Dar Interference

— On view will be artistic experimentation on the interaction of water and light
by Hajer Allani, Arij Bouchami, Yossra Cherni, Amira Chihaoui, Achref Guesmi, Lotfi Harizi, Farook Sfaxi, Yassine Thabet a.o.

REPORT by Feyrouz Nouri


This community meeting is dedicated to emerging artists exploring the interplay of light and water as artistic material or medium. From the sensation of water to watercolors, from physical properties to optical phenomena — the artists will present their interest in the study of the interaction of light and water along with their artistic approaches and their interests.

Artists are researching the behavior of light when it interacts with water, exploring phenomena such as refraction, reflection, dispersion, and diffraction. This investigation will serve as the foundation for the subsequent artistic experiments. They will present the first findings, the development of ideas, and conceptual thoughts of analog and digital water imageries, water screens and sculptures, kinetic light displays, and interactive water surfaces.

During the TEATIME1The TEATIME are regular gatherings open to all the INTERFERENCE community. It’s a meeting point for the different working groups that are preparing for the SUMMER PROJECT and a crossway to tune into this year’s concept and mindset. the emerging artists will discuss their approaches with the emerging curators of this year’s curatorial collective including the artistic director Aymen Gharbi. This interdisciplinary approach aspires to encourage the exchange of ideas, and unconventional solutions, and provide open-minded space to momentum the boundaries of artistic expression. We hope to inspire a new wave of creative exploration, stimulating dialogue and appreciation for the primordial elements that shape our world.


Khouloud Benzarti. SEE DJERBA Houmt Souk 2019. Photo: DK

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