11 — 13 OCT 2023 Cologne
ON PLINY’S PATHS Artists’ Exchange Cologne — Tunis 2023

For ON PLINY’S PATHS, Dorra Hichri developed a variation of the series of artistic examination of dried water samples as a small-scale projection.

ON PLINY’S PATHS Cologne 2023. Photos: Ouafa Benamor.

31 AUG — 2 SEP 2023 Tunis
INTERFERENCE International Light Art Project

For he exhibition project WATER MATTERS, Dorra Hichri dried various water samples under scientific conditions and presented them as a magnified, large scale projection.

INTERFERENCE Tunis 2023. Photos: Ouafa Benamor.

Dorra Hichri is presently working for a PhD degree in aesthetics and visual arts methods. She is actively involved as a visual artist, showing her artistic abilities in a variety of mediums, in addition to her academic endeavours. Dorra has a tremendous enthusiasm for film and editing, where she expertly fuses her artistic vision with technical know-how to produce memorable and profound visual experiences.

MISE EN LUMIÈRE Tunis 2022. Photos: Ouafa Benamor, Juan Sunsett.

She has a solid theoretical grounding in aesthetics of the visual arts from her doctoral studies, and she can put these theories into practise via her work as a visual artist. Through her work in film and editing, Dorra is able to bring narratives to life with a sharp eye for storytelling and attention to detail, creating an impression on her audience.

Dorra Hichri. MISE EN LUMIÈRE Tunis 2022. Photo: Ouafa Benamor


2ß23 Cologne (de), ON PLINY’S PATHS
2023 Houmt Souk (tn), SEE DJERBA International Media Art Project
2023 Tunis (tn), INTERFERENCE International Light Art Project
2022 Tunis (tn), MISE EN LUMIERE
2021 Sousse (tn), UNITES ELBIROU
2021 Sousse (tn), ELBIROU VISUAL UTOPIES 4
2020 Sousse (tn), ELBIROU VISUAL UTOPIES 3
2018 Sousse (tn), ELBIROU VISUAL UTOPIES 1


Since 2018 Sousse (tn), Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Sousse, PHD Studies
2014-2017 Sousse (tn), Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Sousse, Visual Arts, MA
2013-2014 Sousse (tn), Higher Institute of Fine Arts of Sousse, Media Arts, BA




INTERFERENCE Tunis 2023. Photo: Ouafa Benamor.

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